Why Consider Fibreglass Pergolas as an Option

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One of the lesser-known types of pergolas that you can have for your outdoor space is fibreglass pergolas. Fibreglass pergolas are one of the more lightweight and durable types of pergolas that you can choose to have installed. When compared to other types of pergolas, fibreglass pergolas hold their own pros and cons. Choosing this pergola may depend on whether its features may appeal to you but there are a number of points that fibreglass pergolas can offer for consideration.

What Fibreglass Pergolas Can Offer

A fibreglass pergola can be considered as one of the modern types of pergolas you can select as an outdoor structure. It can span up to 26ft between posts and offers can come in a variety of different colours. More than being flexible in terms of design, there is plenty to gain with a fibreglass pergola installation.

The Pros

Being such a lightweight but durable material, fibreglass pergolas are one of the easier types of pergolas to install and are able to withstand winds of up to 170 mph, if installed with the proper hardware and foundation. Unlike other materials like wood or vinyl, it does not expand or contract with changes in temperature or exposure to sunlight. Thus you will not have to worry about any twisting, warping, or bowing that may affect the fasteners.

It especially helps that fibreglass is considered stronger than steel and is naturally resistant to corrosion. If you are looking to add extra style to the structure, you’ll find that fibreglass components hold paint extremely well, and since fibreglass is non-porous. This means, when the paint is applied, it will not absorb moisture and cause cracking and peeling. With all these features, you’ll also find that fibreglass pergolas are low maintenance and will mostly need a weekly sweep with occasional use of mild soap to keep it pristine.

The Cons

In comparison to the different benefits that a fibreglass pergola can provide, there are not as many downfalls. One notable downfall is that, while you can apply different colours to this pergola type, it is not as versatile in design. Fibreglass pergolas are generally pre-measured and pre-cut kits that are not widely available with multiple manufacturers. Depending on the general aesthetic of your landscape/property, a fibreglass pergola may come off as a formal style type.

Why Choose Fiberglass

While this pergola may not be the most flexible in terms of design, it can offer a lot for your home in terms of sturdiness. In comparison to other pergola types, you will not have to worry as much about having this pergola withstand different elements whether big or small. With ease in installation and low maintenance, fibreglass pergolas are the sturdiest of options that you can go for, especially with the right professional service group to help you through any process involving it.

How Mandurah Landscaping Can Help

There may not be plenty of manufacturers to be found for fibreglass pergolas, but you can always consult with a professional service group to help determine if you can have it applied to your outdoor space. By consulting Mandurah Landscaping, you can be assured of a quality service that can meet your budget and deliver different service options you may need for your affordable landscape needs.


A fibreglass pergola is not the most common of pergola types that you can select for your outdoor space but it is one of the sturdiest. With lightweight material and corrosion resistance, there is plenty to gain by choosing a fibreglass pergola. Though it may not be the most flexible in design, you’ll find more ease in terms of maintaining it in comparison to other materials. Overall, fibreglass pergolas can make for a smart investment if you wish it. Contact our team of landscapers today to discover the ways in which we can assist you!