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Do you plan to lay turf for your property in Mandurah? Having a fresh and green patch of turf is a great way to upscale any lawn. In fact, it is one of the distinguishing features of an Australian residence. Searching for a professional turf installer near you? Look no further because we can be the landscaping service provider you can depend on. At Mandurah Landscaping Solutions, we can provide you with high-quality natural and synthetic grass as well as superior turf-laying solutions to ensure that you can attain your ideal look for your garden. Do you need to talk to our experts to determine what other landscaping services you might require for space? Grant our responsive support team a call or fill in the form below to get a hold of a complimentary estimate and consultation.



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Superior Craftsmanship

From the initial consultation, site inspection, construction, and clean-up - our dependable team can do the job for you. With our tradespeople's superior craftsmanship, we can guarantee bespoke landscaping solutions that will perfectly meet or exceed your standards.

Competitive Pricing

At Mandurah Landscaping, we can offer you one of the most competitive prices here in the city. We will also consult with you in every phase of the project to provide you with the most efficient and economical landscaping solutions.

Licensed Professionals

Our team is equipped with experience and aptitude in the field to ensure that our customers can find all the landscaping services in one place. They also have the essential license and insurance for everyone's safety and security.


Once you are set to give your garden a makeover, it is time to decide what turf variety you require and prefer. Should you go for natural grass, or would you like to try artificial turf? Picking between the two can be tricky. If you are still not certain which one is right for your area, don’t fret because we got your back! At Mandurah Landscaping, you can just tell us your vision for your lawn, and we can handle the rest for you. Want to know more about natural turf and artificial turf? Take a look at how they differ based on these factors:


Natural turf considerably requires more upkeep than synthetic ones. If you wish to keep them healthy and beautiful, maintaining them includes watering, mowing, fertilizing, and weed removal. However, for people with green thumbs, these maintenance tasks are not a problem because nurturing and taking care of real grass is more fulfilling. In contrast, artificial grass does not need regular maintenance, but it still requires brushing, power-washing, and refilling every now and then.

Impact on the Environment

Both natural and synthetic turf has good and bad effects on the environment. Some people prefer natural grass because, based on research, an area covered with 2,500 square feet of natural grass can manufacture enough oxygen for four people. Moreover, it can aid in lessening pollutants and reduce water runoff. If you choose artificial turf, you can conserve water and do away with the harmful chemicals found on fertilizers and pesticides.


The authentic feel, smell, and appearance of natural grass are some of the factors why people still prefer it. However, through innovations and cutting-edge technology, we can also offer you synthetic grass that can mimic the appearance of natural ones. At Mandurah Landscaping, whatever you pick between the two, we guarantee that our top-quality turf can greatly upscale the overall curb appeal of your exteriors.


Our certified and experienced landscapers ensure that we can cater to your unique turf requirements no matter how small-scale or large-scale the project is. Since our company is backed by reputable and well-known local suppliers and manufacturers, we can provide our customers with a great variety of turf without straining their budget. Aside from turf installation, our team of professionals will also work closely with you so you can pick the type of grass that will perfectly match your specifications and preferences.