Concrete VS Brick Pavers: Which is Better?

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Pavers are one of the different durable and versatile materials that you can have for your outdoor space. Whatever style or materials you choose to have it made with, there are different benefits that you can gain from this feature. Out of the different materials that you can have your pavers made with, some of the more durable materials that you can select is concrete and brick. When it comes to choosing between the two, however, there are different features that you will want to consider first.

What Makes Concrete and Brick Pavers Different

Both concrete and brick pavers are durable materials you can select for your outdoor space but like any other material, either one offers its own pros and cons. Depending on what you are looking for with your outdoor space, both materials have different points to offer:

What Concrete Pavers Can Provide

With concrete pavers, their main appeal lies in how affordable and versatile they are in comparison to other materials. Concrete pavers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes plus it offers more efficient installation due to being made in a controlled environment. In addition to having a variety in design, concrete pavers also offer a variety of hues. There are blends of warm colours, cool colours, deep shades, and other colour blends.

Durability wise, concrete pavers offer good traction for driveways and are more resilient against cold conditions that could cause other materials to split. Another benefit you’ll find with concrete pavers is that they are also generally low-maintenance. The downside, however, is that it requires a sealant for full durability and even then it can end with surface erosion or colour fading. As versatile as the material can be, it also needs a routine check due to how short-lived it can be without proper care.

What Brick Pavers Can Provide

Brick pavers are generally identified as a natural type of material that is made from clay and cured in a kiln. When compared to concrete pavers, though not as versatile in colour options, a notable benefit of brick pavers is that their colour does not fade over time and is able to withstand any UV rays. Another notable benefit of this type of paver material is that while brick may incur slight chips and cracks over time, especially in high traffic areas, it tends to maintain its overall beauty.

This is because bricks typically only chip due to high stress caused by traffic, moisture or ice. In addition to this, bricks make for a sustainable material so you can have your pavers salvaged, cleaned, and reused if needed. On the other hand though, with the different benefits that brick pavers provide, you’ll find that it is one of the higher costing materials that you can choose when compared to concrete. What’s more, they are not as varied in size and tend to have a less than easy installation. Overall, brick pavers offer higher colour retention and durability but require more work in terms of installation.

How to Choose Between the Two Pavers

Both pavers hold different benefits and pitfalls that can affect your outdoor space depending on how you wish to have them applied. With concrete pavers, you can gain a versatile material that can provide different design options and easy installation but end up with pavers that might wane over time if you are not careful.

Brick pavers on the other hand provide a natural material with long-lasting colour retention and sustainability but you may end up with a costly material that can cause plenty of labour. If you were to choose between the two, it could fall on what your outdoor space is able to handle or what advice a professional service group provides.

Why Have Mandurah Landscaping Help You

Choosing between concrete and brick pavers can be a challenge given the different benefits and pitfalls both materials offer. Depending on what you are aiming to have done with pavers, there are different ways either choice can end up affecting your outdoor space if you are not careful.

By choosing to have Mandurah Landscaping assist you with any paving needs, you can be assured of reliable consultants who can determine the best-fitting pavers for your project. With full open communication, you can be guaranteed customer satisfaction with Mandurah Landscaping.


Concrete and brick pavers are both durable landscaping paver types that offer each of their own pros and cons. From variety in style to sustainability, both materials can offer a lot for your outdoor space depending on what project you are aiming for. It is not to say that one material is better than the other but with the different conditions that could affect your outdoor space, there are different ways you can weigh between the two on the best fit. Elevate your property’s security and aesthetics with the best landscapers in Mandurah.