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Professional Decking Experts in Mandurah

Your property is perhaps one of the most valuable investments you can have in your lifetime. That is why some people are willing to go the extra mile just to ensure they can maintain and enhance their home or commercial establishment. A deck is a functional landscaping feature you can have to improve the value of your property. However, deciding to add, refurbish or replace a deck is not as simple as it seems. Finding a licensed contractor to help you accomplish the outdoor living structure you need might be the best solution for you.

At Mandurah Landscaping Solutions, we are always ready to be of assistance to you! We are adept in building materials, spatial requirements, and local building codes, so we guarantee that we can help you achieve your ideal deck. Do you still have inquiries about the services we can offer to you? Grant our approachable support team a call or fill in the form below to grab your free no-obligation quote and consultation.



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Superior Craftsmanship

From the initial consultation, site inspection, construction, and clean-up - our dependable team can do the job for you. With our tradespeople's superior craftsmanship, we can guarantee bespoke landscaping solutions that will perfectly meet or exceed your standards.

Competitive Pricing

At Mandurah Landscaping, we can offer you one of the most competitive prices here in the city. We will also consult with you in every phase of the project to provide you with the most efficient and economical landscaping solutions.

Licensed Professionals

Our team is equipped with experience and aptitude in the field to ensure that our customers can find all the landscaping services in one place. They also have the essential license and insurance for everyone's safety and security.


Place for Entertainment

This customized outdoor feature is a fantastic gathering place because it lets you have an extended usable space. From a summer cookout, and lazy afternoons to romantic alfresco dinners – decks can provide a cozy area where you can bask in the views and have fun.

Market Value

Whether you decide to sell your home in the next years or not, having a custom-built deck can greatly upscale your property’s overall market value. Having a stunning and functional deck is an excellent selling point because many people prefer to have an area where they can enjoy the outdoors.

Showplace for Outdoor Decors

Are you fond of plants and gardening? With our tailor-made deck, you will have more space for your plants, flowers, and outdoor decors. Just tell our expert builders your specifications for your decks so we can design them to match the style you are going for.

Aesthetic Appeal

With our wide selection of deck materials, finishes and designs, you can easily find the one that will suit your preferences and make your outdoors look more aesthetically pleasing. If you are still unsure of where to start, our team can suggest various deck ideas to serve as inspiration for your ideal deck.

Efficient Process

Compared to other home refurbishments, having a deck built is a quick project we can efficiently take care of. Depending on the weather, our professional builders can accomplish an average deck within a week. Just discuss your desired timeframe with our friendly experts so you can achieve your dream deck as soon as possible.


Having a beautiful deck can encourage you to spend more time outside. With a cozy and lovely deck, you can conveniently lounge, relax or enjoy a refreshing beverage while reading your favourite book. At Mandurah Landscaping, we aim to enhance not only the exteriors of our customers but also the way they appreciate their outdoor lifestyle. Since our team strives to deliver consistent and top-notch results, we adhere to an organized process and continuously improve our efficiency in service as well as our quality of craftsmanship. Besides that, our firm is backed by various established and trusted local manufacturers and suppliers. Our customers will not have limited choices for their decks, and they can get the real value of their hard-earned investment.