Pros and Cons of an Artificial Grass

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If you’re building a new home or upgrading your landscaping, you need to decide whether you’ll choose artificial grass or a natural lawn. Considering the pros and cons of each will help you decide which one is best for you based on your budget, location, and other contributing factors.

You’re probably aware of what artificial grass is already, but in this article, we will discuss its pros and cons to help you decide whether artificial grass will work for you.

What is an Artificial Grass?

Artificial or synthetic grass resembles living grass. It is usually made of plastic materials and is used to cover the surface of a yard. Artificial grass looks real and provides a vibrant lawn no matter what season which most homeowners desire.

Pros of an Artificial Grass

Nowadays, artificial grass doesn’t look as fake as it was before. It’s easy to see why most people are choosing artificial grass. Aside from being maintenance-free, it also helps in the conservation of water and awareness of the health issues and impact on the environment of pesticides and fertilisers.

Here are some of the benefits of artificial grass:

  • No need to water
  • Attractive and consistent throughout the year
  • No need to apply fertilisers or pesticides
  • No need to cut, trim or mow
  • Good for the environment because some artificial grass is made from recycled materials
  • Quick and easy to install

Cons of an Artificial Grass

The benefits of artificial grass look promising. However, also consider the cons of artificial grass before deciding which is the right type of lawn to get:

  • Despite being easy to install, artificial turfs have high installation costs.
  • The infill material and antishock layer need to be replaced every few years
  • Needs to be sanitised or else the artificial grass can host bacteria
  • It is rougher than real live grass and can cause rug burn
  • During the installation process, it kills off any soil life underneath because of the infill process. This makes it nearly impossible to switch back to living plants or grass
  • The crumb rubber used during the infill process can contain harmful chemicals

Is an Artificial Grass Right for You?

While artificial grass is a great alternative to natural lawns, it’s not for everyone. You need to consider your budget and location too. Consider the pros and cons we listed to determine if this type of turf works for you.


Artificial turf installation is quick and easy, but it’s not the cheapest option out there. Keep in mind that if the artificial grass is made of low-quality materials or not installed by turf experts, it will show signs of wear and tear sooner and will cost you more on maintenance, infill, and levelling.

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